14. Gooch Dillard Grave Site

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The land upon which the Gooch Dillard dormitory stands was originally part of Piedmont, a 290-acre plantation acquired by Reuben Maury in 1809. Piedmont was passed down through the Maury family until its acquisition by the University in 1947. As Maury's plantation holdings grew, so did the number of enslaved people he owned. In the decades between 1820 and 1860, Maury owned between twenty-five and sixty-two enslaved individuals. Prior to the construction of the Gooch Dillard dormitory Mrs. Alice H. Clark, a Maury descendant, recalled the location of a cemetery containing the remains of enslaved who lived and worked on the Piedmont plantation. In 1982 University archaeologists conducted limited testing in the area adjacent to the proposed dormitory construction site. Although only nine graves were identified, it is believed that the cemetery is much larger and may contain the graves of many more individuals.

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